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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


May and Taylor with Adam Lambert
My love affair with Queen began in Christmas 1984, when my brother conned me into getting The Works album.  On little bits of paper, he wrote down the names of about ten albums by different artists and I had to pick one out.  Little did I know Queen was written on all of them.  It was without doubt the greatest trick ever played on me, and my obsession with these innovator's of rock grew and grew.

So in November 1991 when Freddie Mecury left us after a long illness, the news hit me hard.  Naturally I thought that was the end of the band, there was no conceivable way they could carry on. But carry on they did, and without bassist John Deacon.  In 2004 they  teamed up with former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers.  Seen as a gamble by a lot of critics, it was to prove a success until his departure in 2009.  I must admit, the collaboration worked well for me as I'm a massive Bad Company fan.  So to see them perform Feel Like Makin' Love and Can't Get Enough in Dublin, was like a trip to classic rock heaven for me.  If the appointment of Rodgers was a shock to the fans, then the collaboration with America Idol contestant Adam Lambert must of made the most hardened of Queen fans nauseous.
Irreplaceable? the legendary Freddie Mercury
When I heard the news, I felt like my head had done several 360's.  May and Taylor have been heavily criticised for his recruitment, accused of using his name to gain a foothold in the American market again. Love him or hate him, you've really got to admire Lambert's confidence.  To step into the shoes of one of the most revered singers of all time takes serious kahunas.  I totally understand the disgust felt by some of the fans who felt they were pimping the bands history.  But in fairness to them, this band has been their life for the past 44 years.  Also, Queen is every bit as much about May,Taylor and Deacon as it was about Freddie Mercury, having all penned massive hits.  So I think the doubters, me included, should cut Mr Lambert some slack and take a positive spin on it.  With the announcement of a 19 date North American tour this summer tour Queen's music will hopefully be heard by a whole new generation, which can only be a good thing.  Long may she reign.