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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rocking The Midlands: SKID ROW, UGLY KID JOE, Dead City Ruins @Wulfrun H...

Rocking The Midlands: SKID ROW, UGLY KID JOE, Dead City Ruins @Wulfrun H...: You can only take your hat off to bands like Dead City Ruins. Any band that finds their way over here all the way from Australia deserves o...

Saturday, 2 November 2013


To say my ears will never be the same again is an understatement,Airbourne arrived in Dublin last Wednesday in typical aussie style and delivered a no holds barred bar room rock show. This was a night where men could freely indulge in "air guitar" and there partners weren't embarrassed mainly because they were doing it as well.Opening with the blistering  Ready To Rock from new album Black Dog Barking the pace of their set was relentless start to finish with lead man Joel O'Keefe going on two walkabouts and displaying his party tricks by cracking beer cans off his head.Often compared to AC/DC and rightly so this is no frills rock with powerful songs of no great meaning other than women and booze but delivered with a boot to the face.Despite been a midweek gig this didn't deter the crowd as bodies were been lifted over the front regularly and people drenching each other in beer.The crowd got a well deserved breather when they closed the opening part of the set with Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll,but returned for the encore and picked up where they left off by launching into Live It Up and Raise The Flag and then closing the night with Runnin' Wild.I used to worry about the future of rock music but after tonight with bands like Airbourne will keep our brains shaking for many years to come.