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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


The all important 3rd album,the maker or the breaker,well maker it certainly was.Having secured their first hit with Seven Seas Of Rhye off Queen II this fine collection was to set the band on the road to international superstardom.With massive hits such as Killer Queen and Now I'm Here it was definitely a case of "all killer and no filler".Roger Taylor once again displays his "come to bed" voice on the brilliant Tenement Funster which leads into a exceptional Mercury double with Flick Of The Wrist and Lily Of The Valley.The album goes a bit "metal" with the brainshaker Stone Cold Crazy then takes a humourous turn with Bring Back That Leroy Brown with Brian May swapping his beloved Red Special guitar for a ukulele.Peaking at No2 in the UK and No12 in the US the album was a life changer for Queen.